Monday, August 5, 2013

"Geeking Out" the mash tun.

Bells and whistles, Gizmos and gadgets... Who doesn't like playing with them?

The one question you need to ask yourself, will the gadget actually serve a purpose? Will it work properly and make the job easier, on some level, but also be cool?

Enter my newest idea.

Besides the digital probe on the mash tun (not shown in the photo) I decided to add a vacuum gauge on the output side.
It is plumbed in before the pump, on the output of the mash tun, to the pump and then back to the mash tun for re-circulation of the wort.
By using a vacuum gauge, when water is being pumped without grain in the tun, the gauge sits at zero, meaning there isn't a restriction inside the mash tun.
If the grain bed gets too compact or if the false bottom gets clogged, you will see the gauge raise meaning the pump is working harder to pump the wort.

Gizmos, gadgets, bells and whistles are never a bad idea. Do what works for you and make sure you can justify it, making it actually work in your concept.

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