Friday, August 30, 2013

Different Home Brewing Methods

People often ask me, is brewing really that difficult??
Let me assure you, if I can do it anyone can do it. I was never good at science, math or really any subject... personally, I did my best at lunch time.

Someone once pointed out that brewing is like fishing. You can use a single, cheap rod and reel combo and have tons of fun fishing for pennies on the dollar... Or you can go to the extreme and buy a fancy boat, top of the line gear and easily spend over 50k to go fishing.

Brewing is the same, you can spend a few bucks here and there, score garage sale items and convert them into what you need, or you may already have some of the items needed to get started.... or you could spend thousands of dollars to end up with the same quality of beer.

I don't plan on expanding on each method, I just want you to know what is available.
1. Extract brewing - I've seen people win competition awards using this method and the following. Extract can either be LME (liquid) or DME (dry).
2. Extract brewing with speciality grains - Usually 4-12 oz of grains, it helps improve the flavor to your beer.
3. Partial mash - Similar to above, you just use more grains.
4. Brew in a bag - Basically, it is all grain brewing, but with less equipment.
5. All grain - Using nothing nut grain to get your wort, no extract is used.

I know people who live in small apartments and use the first 4 methods, in their kitchen and on their stove.
When you are starting out, just remember my favorite phrase... KISS... keep it simple stupid. :-)

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