Friday, July 26, 2013

Why join a homebrew club?

Have you ever worked on your car, a home improvement project or some other kind of project, for your first time alone? No one with any experience or wisdom around, but the internet? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone by your side giving helpful instruction while you completed the first time project?

Ever notice how a good boss will surround themselves with people who excel in what they do? (Trust me, I'm getting to the point.)

When I started brewing a little while back, I got most of my information from online forms, posts and articles. Sometimes you can't get the necessary feedback that you desire online.

You still there?

I found a local homebrew shop, there these two guys are awesome. They take their time helping you tweak a recipe, friendly conversation, a wealth of knowledge and believe it or not, they even like to try your finished beer and will give you constructive criticism!

While talking to one of them one day, they mentioned they were going to do an on site brew demo... "Would you like to come and lend a hand" they asked.... Um... Heck yeah I do!!

This lead to meeting new people, learning new things, seeing something in front of me and not on YouTube... It was personal interaction!!

This lead to one of the new guys i just met asking, "come to one of our club meetings, we have a great time".... Well OK, I will think about it.

Luckily this club is a good club. No dues, friendly people who care about the passion you have, they don't judge you on the experience or lack there of, they want to see you involved and excel at whatever type of brewing that you do.

This leads to new friendships and you start to see the diverse group of people in front of you. Some have strengths in areas you don't, and so on... Why not take that and pair up together? Brew together and have some fun! This is a fun hobby, OK an obsession for me, but still fun! Now add in new friendships and each others talents and work together to help everyone improve in the direction they want to go... Makes sense right?

They key is, join the right club. Some people get together and call themselves a club, when in all reality it is nothing more than a popularity contest and or a power struggle. Get into a real club, one where they care about you, one where if you miss a meeting they actually care enough to say they missed you.

Find the right club.
Learn by doing, brew with someone new.
Keep an open mind with other people's process or equipment.
Make some new friends.
Help others.
Most of all, have fun!

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