Thursday, July 4, 2013

Such a Dimwit... Witbier that is

Some brewers like to create a beer and then name it, while others will wait until they taste the final product before naming their beer. Everyone has a method to their madness, how do I describe my madness?
No one said I was normal or even go with what most people do, I always go my own way. I enjoy being different, yet "fitting in" when needed.

I was working on a new recipe a few weeks back, tweaking and throwing in different ingredients, trying to imagine how the final product would turn out.
While looking at the composition of ingredients in front of me, I noticed this batch would be a hybrid style. The base of this batch is a Whitbier, wheat based along with some other special grains and misc items. The harder I stared at it, it also had characteristics of a Monk style beer with the Belgian Wit yeast I will be using.... thus the Dimwit Monkey was born.

A friend of mine said the name fit the style and my personality, don't know if it was a compliment or not, but hey, he was smiling and I took it as a compliment.

Once I finalize the recipe and spices, I will post it on here for others to try.

As always, happy brewing!

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